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The graphic form art is termed as clip art which is pre-made images or photo form to represent any means or medium. The use of clip art is increasing on extreme level in personal or commercial projects and that can be on any greeting cards or any business purposes.

Clip art is created and distributed in an electronic form for including different images or file formats in various ways. This is the vector form that is created by cutting some images from a pre existing printed works. So this clip arts can be used now in the new form by computers and pasted up.

This clip arts are all similar to cutting and pasting those photos or images in an scrape books. Thus you can use clip arts in the new computer based work or form for better visualisation. If you want any graphic, vector or other images related to clip arts, we are blessed with different clip art forms.

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Robert Hooke (1635-1703), English natural philosopher. Hooke made numerous advances in fields as diverse as astronomy, physics and microbiology, and his name is remembered in Hooke’s Law, which relates the load on a spring to its extension. He pioneered the new science of microscopy (microscope held in hand) and published detailed drawings of observations made with his microscopes in ‘Micrographia’ (1665), such as the flea in the background. Hooke was one of the founding fellows (1663) of the Royal Society, and served as its Curator of Experiments and Secretary. However, no portraits of Hooke remain, only written descriptions of him.

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